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AK Sports Group, a subsidiary of Kawuba Enterprises LLC, is the parent company to an ever expanding portfolio of businesses, ventures, brands and properties across sports and recreation. Independently and collectively, our initiatives create value and opportunity, and satisfy unmet needs and challenges for a variety of stakeholders. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and led by CEO Adrian Kawuba, AK Sports is currently focused on soccer.

At our core we believe sports are and will remain central to every country, culture and society. Be it in the form of competition, recreation or entertainment, sports have the power to bring people together, strengthen communities and provide opportunities for excellence. They’re powerfully engaging and sit at the center of global conversation. Sports influence business, drive economic growth, and serve as a universal language for breaking down walls and barriers. When done right, sports can enrich the social and cultural fabric of a nation. We also believe that sports should be accessible for all. It’s with this set of beliefs that we continue to innovate, extend our reach and expand our offering. If you share our mission, vision, passion and goals, get in touch today or check out our careers page.